Positioning + Process = Profits

Shawn and Olivia of Wallace Marketing Group consult established health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition coaches and consultants on how to combine the power of brand positioning and monetization processes to grow their business. Services include strategy sessions as well as brand identity, website, sales funnel development, and traffic generation. Based in Denver, Colorado.

We begin everything with POSITIONING, whether it’s creating a brand from scratch or optimizing an existing one. Our team starts by examining the true values of the individual or business and then narrowing in on the target audience they want to serve.

We then guide every client through the steps of creating their own customized monetization PROCESS and automated sales funnel, ensuring their business model can effectively attract and convert potential customers into paying customers.

Meet the Co-founders

Shawn Wallace is a business monetization and sales funnel specialist. As a coach and consultant, he helps his clients grow their small businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, and intellectual properties into thriving revenue streams. With over 15 years of sales, online marketing, and business monetization experience, he delivers high-impact strategies that allow established entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to quickly and effectively monetize their offerings.

Olivia Omega is a branding strategist and seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of brand positioning, digital marketing, communications, and advertising experience across startup, nonprofit, public, and private sectors. She is also the author of Beautifully Branded: The Girls Guide to Personal Branding and a sought-after speaker focused on building entrepreneurial brands.

Contact us at info [at] wallacemarketinggroup.com