Denise Brosseau

CEO, Author & Speaker, Thought Leadership Lab

Just back from a few days with the Wallace Marketing team in Denver where I had the pleasure of working with their highly professional team. There is something truly wonderful about doing a photo shoot with a fully engaged partner (Olivia Omega) who does all the homework up front to identify the right location, props, lighting and styling to assure you look your best. Even better when the photographer is a 31 year veteran (Dan X) who is super efficient, highly engaged and fun to work with even on a hot day under significant time pressure. The resulting photos were distinctive, on-brand and present me as the approachable professional I want to convey.
Following the photo shoot, Olivia’s hard work behind the scenes once more came to the fore when she presented me with four options for mood boards and a brand personality profile that were all spot on. I always love this phase of a re-branding project — particularly when the branding expert really “gets” you as Olivia did. It didn’t take long for us to land on the exact right profile for my new brand that will position me to land the exact clients that I want for my business.
The next day, Shawn had his chance to shine when he completely de-mystified the complex world of online selling for me. Not only were we able to develop a sales funnel that will allow me to reach and best serve my target customers, we also identified which of the many pieces of content I already had completed we could use at each step of the funnel. What a relief to realize that the whole effort could get underway in just a few days and that everything that I had been procrastinating about for 2 years can now be completed easily and effortlessly. And I’m even excited to get started.
Overall, the best thing I can say about Shawn and Olivia and Dan is that they are good people. They are the kind of folks you want on your team as they are smart, highly professional, fun to be around and work together in a way that makes everyone better. And Shawn and Olivia have a partnership that is rare among couples who are in business together — they not only complement each other, they truly improve each other because they listen and value the other’s opinions.
I recommend them highly for anyone seeking to brand or re-brand their business. Give them a call today!

Derik Eselius

Axis Yoga Trainings

For years I've struggled with a "do it yourself" approach to marketing, missing important opportunities and deadlines along the way.  I had taken my business as far as I could with my own two hands and a very small staff.  Marketing was clearly the missing link in by business game-plan.
Recently I decided it was time to invest in my business, Axis Yoga Trainings, take it to the next level, hand off what I was marginally good at, and free myself up to focus what I loved most about my business (developing content and teaching).
That is when I took the next step and arranged an initial strategy session with Olivia and Shawn.  Immediately I knew that I was talking to the right people.  They are ideally suited to help small, wellness oriented business refine their brand and get that brand/message out in front of the people who need it the most -your future customers!
Olivia and Shawn are committed to my/your success, together we developed stellar videos (major upgrade!), a powerful sales funnel (no more patchy steps and missed opportunities), and laser focused Facebook ad campaigns (good-bye guess work).   We have also had lot's of fun during our weekly meetings, as we plotted our next strategic step, based on hard data, over tea at my favorite coffee shop (Sojourner's).