The Importance of the 14,000 View

Climb high, step back, look down and evaluate where you are going and why.

Hey, go on a quick journey with us… Grab your gear and climb to the peak, to the very summit of your business. That breathtaking 14,000 ft. view (this pic is from when we climbed Mt. Bierstadt a couple summers ago) is the vision that keeps you on track. From this elevation, you can see clearly where you want to go and where the future of your business is located.

So, when was the last time you stepped away from the logistics of your business to get the 14,000 ft. view? When was the last time you stepped way from your Facebook page and Instagram account, away from your email list and away from your blog? When was the last time you asked yourself “where are we going” and “why are we going there”?

We do all of these day-to-day things to serve a bigger purpose and to answer the big question of why we are doing what we’re doing. Sometimes we don’t even know why we’re blogging or why we’re spending so much time trying to build our social media following.

Without vision, your business and your brand will perish!

Whether building a personal brand or branding a small business, it always has to start with vision and therefore strategy. Strategy is the most important element of branding and yet it is the main thing that gets overlooked. The strategy is what guides the ship, it includes the compass that helps navigate the path and get you to where you want to go. It involves visioning and definiting a brands purpose.

A brand strategy describes how the brand intends to offer value, create customers and stand out beyond the reach of it competitors through a differentiating benefit. The strategy leads to planning that sets forth the creative, social and moral steps the brand will take to create to drive the business forward.

It sounds so cliche, but now’s the perfect time to step back and ask yourself what is your why. And evaluate your brand strategy. Everything else falls into place from there…

Shawn & Olivia
P.S. If you want to take a timeout, hit the pause button and schedule a quick strategy session to climb to summit of your business and evaluate the big picture, just give us a hollar!

Shawn & Olivia
Shawn & Olivia
Shawn & Olivia of Wallace Marketing Group consults established coaches and consultants on how to combine the power of brand positioning and monetization processes to grow their business. Services include strategy sessions as well as website and sales funnel development. Based in Denver, Colorado with clients across the globe.

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