Top Blog Post Ideas for the New Year

9 Health, Wellness and Nutrition Blog Post Titles To Leverage the New Year

It’s time to finalize your blog’s editorial calendar for December and January. And the New Year is the BEST time, not only for blogs, but for blogs centered around health, wellness and nutrition. This is YOUR time! So make sure you take full advantage!

It’s such a sweet time of year because everyone and their mom is looking to better themselves, turn over a new leaf and restructure their lives in all areas – whether it be physically, financially, spiritually or mentally. This is prime time for “how-to” content on how to increase someone’s quality of life.

This is where you come in! Your knowledge, value and expertise is gold. And is worth even more when people are seeking it the most.

Have you ever wondered what words people are search on Google the most at the beginning of the year? Wouldn’t it make sense to create blog content that fall in line with what people are searching for the most?

A couple years ago, Liv created a blog post titled “How to Throw A Vision Board Party”. Vision boards are huge for many reasons. We know that without a vision, the people perish. And creating a visual representation of your goals as a constant reminder of your dreams actually increases the potential for them to come true. This single blog post quickly because Liv’s number one visited post simply because the keyword “vision board” is so heavily searched in January and all year long. The other element to this post that attracted so much traffic was the fact that it was a “how-to” post. And who doesn’t love to throw parties? It was so popular that she recycled the content for a second year in a row.

Now’s the perfect time to come up with your killer, irresistible value posts for the New Year! Specializing in health, wellness and nutrition, we’ve come up with some great ideas for evergreen (lasting all year, good for all seasons, not going out of style) content that will attract potential customers and give your blog life!

But first, let’s start by looking at what the most searched keywords are in Google in January. Some of these are no-brainers, but some will surprise you.

Keywords/Phrase # of Searches
how to lose weight 110,000
how to save money 40,500
lose weight 27,100
quit smoking 22,200
goal setting 12,100
new years resolutions 12,100
buy a house 5,400
save money 5,400
setting goals 4,400
get fit 3,600
get out of debt 3,600
goal setting worksheet 3,600
short term goals 3,600
learn a language 2,900
personal goals 2,900
hobbies that make money 2,400
how to exercise 1,900
learn how to knit 1,900
how to decorate 1,600
make more money 1,300
learn to cook 1,000
how to break bad habits 880
how to eat healthier 880
start a small business 720
find a boyfriend 480
stop drinking soda 480
get a six pack 390
i need a new hobby 390
new years goals 320
how to become more spiritual 260
read more books 210
manage time 170
new years eve resolutions 170
goals for the new year 140
how to be more fashionable 140
get more sleep 90
how to reach a goal 70
how to start a hobby 70
setting goals for the new year 70
travel more 70
be healthier 40
be nicer 40

Notice how so many of these are “how-to” searches, where the person seeking the information is looking for actionable steps and guidance to solve a specific problem. Based on these top searches, here are our top blog posts that you should consider writing:

Top Health, Wellness and Nutrition Blog Post Titles for the New Year

  1. 5 Fitness Goals for 2017 That Even YOU Can Stick With
  2. Fool Proof Ways to Save Money While Eating Vegan
  3. New Year, New Daily Wellness Regiment in 3 Easy Steps
  4. Resolutions That Will Revolutionize Your Yoga Practice in 2017
  5. Goal Setting Secrets For A Healthier, Happier Life
  6. How to Get Fit in 2017 When Fitness Isn’t Your Thing
  7. 6 Ways to Create Peaceful Sleeps and Rejuvenated Awakenings with Diet
  8. Save Money in 2017 by Breaking Up With Your Gym (workouts to do at home)
  9. Discover How to Drop Weight Without Spending A Dime in 5 Easy Steps
Shawn Wallace
Shawn Wallace
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